Taking The Road Less Traveled: Gypsy Vanning With A Modern Twist

12 May 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

If you have ever dreamed of taking life on the road in a gypsy vanner wagon, but you were worried about utilities and amenities, you do not have to be anymore. Many of the modern comforts can travel with you in a vanner. If you know what to install, you can live luxuriously while touring the country with your home on wheels and a beautiful horse to pull it along. Here is gypsy vanning with a few modern twists.

Solar Power in the Roof

Installing solar power in a gypsy wagon is easier than you might think. A basic panel can fit on top of the roof of your wagon. Wires to convert power can travel to a nearby box, either on the roof or side of the wagon. Then the box fuels a couple outlets inside the wagon for anything from a TV to a laptop. You can stay as connected to or disconnected from the world as you want.

Solar-Powered Generators

Better still, there are companies that have designed and built compact solar-powered generators. These generators collect solar energy when exposed to the sun for a few hours during the day. They have several outlets included into which you can plug everything from a mini-fridge to your phone charger. If you make a stop somewhere along your travels to give your horse a break and explore, you can stick the generator outside to collect energy and then be ready for an evening of whatever you want to do in your gypsy wagon.

Solar Cookers

Solar cookers have been around for decades now. You can even make your own from tin foil, plastic wrap and an old shoe box, but the camping version is much more high-tech. The best part about packing a solar cooker in your vanner is that you never have to worry about starting a campfire or potentially starting a wildfire by accident. You can also use your solar cooker indoors. So, if you want to cook without electricity or fire, and you want to do it in a very earth-friendly way, pack a solar cooker in your gypsy wagon before you leave home.

Water Purification Via Solar Energy

Last, but certainly not least, you will need to have a good supply of clean water while on your travels. Rather than buy bottle or gallon after bottle or gallon of water, buy a solar-powered water purification kit. The solar components activate internal mechanisms that purify rain water, river/stream water, and even less pure sources of water.

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