Recycle Bulk Oil On A Recurring Basis

31 March 2023
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Quality used cooking oil is used to produce renewable fuel. Business owners who have bulk cooking oil in their possession can team up with a company that recycles cooking oil. Read on to find out how this service works.

Cooking Oil Disposal Problems

Fryer grease should not be thrown away or flushed down a drain. The failure to dispose of used oil properly could result in clogged plumbing. Oil that is poured outside could have detrimental effects on the environment. Cooking oil can kill plants, fish, and wildlife. It can also pollute natural waterways.

Collection Efforts

Restaurant owners likely encounter large amounts of cooking oil on a recurring basis that need to be disposed of. Many recycling companies provide an oil pickup service. Some companies supply oil containers.

A recycling company will furnish an oil container that is suited for a client's needs. The amount of used oil that is generated within a business setting will have a bearing on how large a storage container should be.

The volume of the oil will also reflect upon how often the waste container will need to be picked up by a recycling company. A recycling company will charge a monthly rate for the services that they render. Some companies may provide a grease trap cleaning service too. 


Some recycling companies advertise that they are seeking the purchase of bulk oil. A company may specify that they will be using the oil to produce a renewable energy source. Bulk oil buyers typically work in the same fashion as a recycling company that picks up oil but does not compensate the client.

A business owner who generates a large amount of oil on a frequent basis may want to delve further into the option of making money from the oil that they would like to dispose of. Once a business owner connects with a company that seeks the purchase of oil, they will find out what types of oil products are being sought.

A Renewable Energy Source

Cooking oil burns more cleanly than diesel fuel. Transforming cooking oil into a renewable energy source will minimize the amount of fossil fuels that continue to be depleted. If more people turn toward selling bulk cooking oil that will ultimately be used as a fuel source, less diesel fuel will need to be produced. Recycling oil will ultimately lead to less harmful effects on the environment, which is a benefit that everyone on this planet can appreciate.

For more information on bulk cooking oil recycling pick up, contact a company near you.